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It is now based on a quality management system certified “ISO 9001 version 2008” in 2010, integrating: health, safety at work and protection of the environment.

Protection of staff:

In particular the protection of personnel, the legal of safety and the regulatory conditions are respected.
The means of protection for individual are available and constantly monitored.

Continuing training:

Specific training in means of prevention, first aid and fire fighting are periodically organised.

Worker health:

The follow-up is carried out according to a program agreed in collaboration with the occupational medicine and a local preventive supervision. Controls of equipment and installations: Verifications and controls of electrical installations and equipment are carried out by external bodies approved by the state.

Environmental protection:

Measures related to the protection of the environment are taken into account and respected in accordance with the legislation in force and the study of the impact related to discharges: solid, liquid and gaseous.

External collaborators:

  • National Environmental Protection Agency
  • Work Medicine
  • Training organisation
  • Social Security
  • Labor Inspections
  • Civil protection